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the full story :

is a tasting menu composed of passion + malaise, fire + stone, love + hate.

it is a true story about  chef dalia's experience with food sovereignty in the year she opened her 2nd restaurant

flower + bone.  the language of this story is food and the dialogue dinner. each dish is presented in vessels handmade for the occasion, each ingredient gives away all the details of what sustainable food is made of.... this december

you are invited to dinner at flower + bone and to contribute to an extremely virtuous and vital cause.

dinner tickets get you 14 dishes over 6 courses in an embellished 20th century mercantile building. the space has been designed by chef dalia as a preserve house and sustainable food lab there is no boozy license at this venue.


eating is a modern blend of mezze and formal tasting.  the menu is preserve centric, central asian inspired and features a charcoal fire clay tandoor.  dining is communal, casual, social, artful. 


the price is  $100  per person - 


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bonus boozy course 

the bonus boozy course :

is a drink tasting menu. featuring 3 hand crafted, wild fermented, perfectly mixed imbibements. it's an ode to the imbibement before the dinner. the bubbles and efflorescence of the drinks tells of chef dalia's commitment to sustainable sourcing and heritage food production, in order to feed people in the most pure way possible and experiment as a chef with larder.

it's a big little story and it's a bonus to the full story because it's at a secret location not flower + bone.  the only hint we'll give you about the secret location  is that it's fully licensed and complaint with the ABC. 

the price is  $50  per person 

details of the secret location are emailed to you with confirmation of ticket purchase

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